"Despite only making her emergence into the art scene at the end of 2018, South London born Calypso Bené has already exhibited her work in 6 sell out exhibitions. 

Captivating audiences with both her unique painting style and vibrant personality, she became the featured artist of DIFFRNT Shoreditch and International Women’s Week Nottingham where she also delivered talks as mesmerising and inspiring as her artwork. 

Calypso’s paintings take inspiration from the Renaissance period and Greek mythology, not only in terms of style but also in the complexity of the emotions and themes they convey. By creating artwork that dialogues between realistic and abstract depictions of human anatomy, Calypso invites the viewer to delve into the concepts of identity, women’s rights and the societal pressures associated with existing in corporeal form. 

Above all Calypso’s goal is to facilitate conversation and challenge the stigma surrounding the naked anatomy of women. Her artwork continues to be centred around a passion for women's rights and due to her constant desire to evolve and develop her craft, Calypso's facets have recently extended through her exploration of woodcarving after learning her grandmother was a talented sculptor of wood. Whilst entwining herself with an inherent appreciation of nature and desire to transform her paintings beyond the canvas, woodcarving felt symbolic to Calypso as she is able to honour her lineage. As she explores the complexities and uniqueness of each presented body of wood, she works hard to master the physical process of carving wood, whilst creating a range of striking luxury décor. 


Other projects, due to be revealed in summer 2021, include the commissioning of Calypso to paint a large-scale mural covering three walls of a local community centre. This community project aligns strongly with Calypso's values which continue to inspire her to provoke and spark conversations among supporters on social media. Calypso loves hearing about people's artistic needs and welcomes commission requests through the contact page on this website."

- Artapoelc 2021